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Server Upgrade Payment Plan

24 May 2009 — The price of a Helix Server upgrade can be spread out over time, breaking it up over two or more regular payments. This is done to allow customers to spread the cost of an upgrade out over time, or over multiple tax years.

Under the payment plan, time-limited keys (typically expiring in 60–90 days) are issued at the time of the first payment. When subsequents payment are received, a new time-limited key is issued. When the last payment is made, a permanent key is issued.

If payment has not been received by the time the temporary keys expire, Helix Server continues to function, but a dialog box appears at regular intervals, interrupting workflow. Granting a temporary key extension is done solely at the discretion of QSA ToolWorks, and in no case is a permanent key issued until such time as payment in full has been received.

Note: Each temporary key generated under this option results in one (1) USU being deducted from USUs issued in conjunction with the product purchase or upgrade. See our Technical Support Overview for information on USU credits.

This technote explains how to update your Helix Server with the updated key.

The payment plan is not available through our web store. You must call QSA ToolWorks for details.