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Your ‘upgrade notification’ option is changed if you ‘vanish’

Feb 14, 2005--In an effort to streamline operations, we have decided to modify a customer's record and add a notation to it if attempts to contact the customer are unsuccessful.

Each time we ship a new version of Helix, we do a mass emailing to every customer who has checked the option on their Customer Information page to be notified about upgrades. If a customer changes their email address and fails to notify us of the change, that mail comes back. When enough such mail is returned, it can create the appearance that we are spammers. Needless to say, this is not an appearance we wish to make.

Our policy now is to uncheck that option on the customer's record and make a notation that the offending email address was removed (a dated note). The next step is to send a "snail mail" ugprade notice to that customer.

Currently, when physical mail is returned as undeliverable for any reason, we make one further attempt to contact the customer, provided we can find a newer address by various means at our disposal. Should such correspondence then be returned, we place the customer's name on our M.I.A. page for three months. If we don't hear from the customer in that period, their record is marked "INACTIVE."